Gold Au $1961.02 $-4.51
Silver Ag $24.28 $0.00
Platinum Pt $1012.15 $-3.54
Palladium Pd $1326.60 $-38.75
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Welcome to Rockin Coins, a business that showcases items of quality, beauty, and historical significance. Rockin Coins was formed in the year 2016 with co-owners, “Jim” and “Lynda”. The business has been unique at coin shows, for it specializes in not only America’s old coins, but also minerals and fossils. Rockin Coins has participated in dozens of California coin shows, as well as shows in Oregon, Nevada, and Maryland.

Owner, “Jim”, was for many years a school teacher. He also was a Boy Scout Leader who frequently took troops to remote areas in search of fossils. Two fossils he found have been placed in museums. During the 1990’s, Jim owned and managed a coin store in Yerington, Nevada. He and Lynda both were coin collecting in their youth. Jim is Rockin Coins primary person to go to regarding product information. Lynda held housing and social services government jobs for many years. She has a business degree from Fresno State University. Lynda undertakes planning activities for Rockin Coins, and is a managing partner.